You have one new voicemail.

It was an ordinary Tuesday afternoon and I received a voicemail while I was with a client.  When I retrieved it, I thought it was just another sales call.

Mmm hmmm, right, Good Morning American is calling me.  So I tapped Call Back and received an automated response, “You have reached ABC, if you know your party’s extension…..”    Now they had my attention.   So I called Greg on his direct line and he filled me in on the segment comparing “healthier snacks” and that they’d like to have me talk about my microwave kale chips.

I am a person that loves a schedule, I work from my calendar, and this very nice man wanted me to be ready to appear on live TV 15 hours later.   It’s amazing what petty things go through one’s mind when they are being offered a great opportunity!

*I have appts scheduled – I don’t want to inconvenience my people!

*Connect through SKYPE?   I’ve never used Skype. What if I messed up the technology and blacked out mid show?

*What if they ask me something I don’t know, in front of millions of people, like “What is the biochemical make up of kale and physiologically, how does that benefit us?”   Right.

*How early do I need to be ready?  5 am?

16 hours later, I was standing in my kitchen, bright eyed and bushy tailed, kale chips fresh out of the microwave, in front of my lap top, talking to the tech people through Skype about where I should stand, what view would be best of the microwave, how I would explain my kale chips in 20 seconds and going over “minor” details.

I stood in front of my lap top for about an hour, listening to tech people prep others getting ready to be on the show and hearing the broadcast about atrocities happening all over the world, all at the same time.  All I could see was a black screen with a few colored shapes intersecting in the middle.   About 7:30 am I heard a voice, “Christie, you’ll be on after this ad.”  Gulp.

It’s a funny feeling talking to someone without seeing what they are referencing and viewing only a geometrically colored screen on my lap top………knowing millions are watching.  I didn’t want to be like some reporters I’ve seen with a dead pan expression while they wait for the prompt.  So I smiled and nodded, hearing 2 fun sounding women talk about snack options as if I could see what they were referring to.  And suddenly I was telling about how I make kale chips; they said thank you and I said thank you and then it was silent.  The adventure was over.   I was smiling for the rest of the day.

All in all it WAS an adventure!  Everyone at GMA was exceptionally nice and very helpful in getting me set up.  And for me, being able to share something healthy with people all over America was a treat!

It made me realize that I tend to think I need WAY more prep for things than I do; after all I was ready for GMA in 15 hours!   If one person now makes a regular snack out of homemade kale chips, my job is done!

If you missed the broadcast, join in the fun and watch it now!    CHRISTIE’S KALE CHIPS