To make it truly a lifestyle, weight loss has to be about more than a number on the scale and counting calories.   It has to be about a whole lifestyle of taking care of yourself and focusing on wellness and wholeness.  It has to be about loving yourself and taking steps to develop habits that are life giving instead of life draining.


Most of us get stuck when we rely on willpower because willpower is dependent on how we feel at the moment, what’s going on in the day and the temptations in front of us.  Instead of relying on willpower, developing some basic habits will create much more success.  Once you have the habits in place, making healthier choices will be much easier.

  1. To manage, you must monitor!   Tracking your food intake, exercise, sleep and any other behavior that might throw you off track is crucial!  Studies show that when you monitor your behaviors, you change it.  Knowing what throws you off track and when that happens gives you the tools to move forward.
  • Keep a food journal and track what you eat and when you eat
  • Track fruit, veggie, starches or water intake to increase your awareness
  • Record your exercise, when you go and how long
  • Record hours of sleep

This information will tell you so much and give you insight on ways to improve.  These are foundational habits that will improve your overall health and give you something strong to build on.  Your overall nutrition and hydration, moving more and sleeping better will help you in ways much that will benefit you much more than just counting calories.

2.  Schedule it!  Our lives are crazy!  It’s too easy to run from one obligation to another and then find out as we get home, someone needs us to help them NOW!  I find if I want to make sure nothing interferes with my exercise, my meditation, and reading time, I have to schedule it in.   If I don’t, there’s always something that seems more pressing that I’ll do instead.  If it’s scheduled, you’re more likely to do it and you won’t have to rely on willpower, because we all know that willpower is not enough!

3.  Accountability!  If someone is watching you and you know they are expecting you to complete something, you’ll get it done.  Finding an accountability group, a workout buddy, or even just checking in with someone on a regular basis will make you more consistent with exercise and any good habit!   Some people do well just being accountable to themselves but most of us do better if our accountability is outside of ourselves.    Be honest with yourself and acknowledge what works best for you.

These are basic things but will do wonders in establishing some good habits to work from. Willpower is not enough so save yourself some energy and start developing good habits.   With these habits in place, you won’t have to always be making decisions based on how strong or weak you’re feeling in the moment.

If nothing else, just start tracking whatever area you want to improve in.  That can add to bigger changes!

You know I’m always here for you if you need someone on your side!  Don’t hesitate to reach out and chat.