What’s the Best Diet?

Any diet usually works……….and then it fails.   Even if you only ate Oreo cooking during the day but kept your calories low, you’d probably lose weight.  But it wouldn’t stay off.  And isn’t that the problem with diets?  The weight always comes back!

It’s disheartening to me that even with such good nutritional information around, it’s so easy to fall for the allure and possibility of a diet.  New fads just give people hope that there’s a quick fix.  The problem is there is great nutritional info available but there is also a wide variety of suggestions that it’s difficult to know what really is the best way to eat. But I’m telling you, until you change your relationship with yourself and your relationship with food, until you truly commit to feeding your body like it needs to function properly, until you love yourself enough to feel “worthy” of making good health a priority, you won’t keep the weight off.

What’s the Best Diet?

So what’s a person to do when looking for the best diet?

  1. Forget about dieting and starting looking at healthy eating
  2. Cut out the junk…….eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and good fats
  3. If you buy something that’s packaged, check the ingredient list.  Pick items with less than 5 ingredients and all ingredients that you have heard of…..like actual food!
  4. Cut back and then eliminate added sugars and white flour
  5. Start moving!
  6. Guard your sleep.  Studies show over and over that lack of sleep messes up our hormones and causes metabolic changes that lead to weight gain.
  7. Look at food as medicine.   Eat foods with healing properties such as antioxidants, adaptogens (help with stress), proteins for “building blocks”, fiber and probiotics for gut health, healthy fats for brain function and hormone formation…….and stop looking towards medication to “fix” the symptoms caused by bad habits.
  8. Pay attention to why you’re grabbing certain foods.  Identify what emotion you want to assuage by eating.
  9. Look at how to make your small changes consistent and livable.  Find what will fit you for a lifetime.
  10. Find your inner strength to feel comfortable with who you are without having to build a “layer” to feel safe.

These steps are really just the tip of the iceberg but it’s a place to start when wondering what’s the best diet.   Healthy eating is counter cultural and there’s a quick meal (full of chemicals and junk) on every corner so it can be tough to make good choices.  Making healthy choices takes developing good habits and those habits have to be convenient enough that they don’t take a lot of thought.

Maintaining a healthy weight takes good nutrition and dealing with the emotional issues that lead to eating to temporarily feel better.   Without addressing these things, you’ll jump on the latest diet fad and fail.  You don’t fail…..Diet’s fail!  Making lifestyle change, really is the only way to keep weight off.  Feeding our bodies food that is whole and natural is the key…..and then finding the fortitude within ourselves to desire good health and be willing to make small changes to achieve it.

All 10 of these steps are important.  Finding a success partner can help as well.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to talk with me on Facebook or email.

Feeling good is so worth it.  You’re worth it!