“I don’t know where these 20 pounds came from!”

“I don’t know what happened but I’ve been gaining a few pounds every year since I turned 40.”

“It’s not fair that I gain weight so easily now!”

“I’m just so discouraged I’ve given up.”

These words are so common among women over 40 because all of a sudden, their bodies aren’t working like they used to!  What worked before isn’t working anymore! Pounds are creeping up, energy is plummeting and schedules are busier than ever with little time for oneself.  As a woman “over 40” (by quite a ways!) I can certainly empathize. My transition into the 40’s wasn’t as difficult as it could have been and that’s probably due to one thing:  I kicked up my exercise.

As we age, we lose muscle, and muscle is our engine!  So when we lose muscle, we burn less calories each day and if we continue to eat the same amount, we start gaining weight as those calories pack our fat cells.  The frustrating thing is we don’t FEEL like we’re eating more, but we’re gaining weight!!  And that’s because we’re burning LESS.

Another reason for gaining weight after 40 is we tend to be less active.  We’re not physically running after toddlers, bending and lifting, carrying or walking to the park with our youngin’s; instead we do more sedentary work at home and possibly at the office.  We sit and answer email or run errands (in our car) while our kids are at soccer practice and this all adds up to less calories burned.

We also may be socializing with friends more now that the kids can take care of themselves.  That leads to eating out at restaurants where portions are larger, having more alcoholic beverages, playing cards or bunco with snacks close at hand as we relax and enjoy putting our mothering responsibilities on hold for a few hours.  More calories!

So, women over 40, you have 2 choices.  Eat less, be stoic and say no to every little bit of extra food and drink, sacrifice and feel deprived.  OR kick up the exercise, include some strength training to increase muscle mass and enjoy the burn!  Exercise will improve:

*calorie burn
*energy levels
*lipid levels
*peri menopausal symptoms
*mood regulation
*muscle tone
*slow aging
*improve mobility and flexibility

It’s a no brainer!

I know, it’s hard to get motivated and block out the time and find the energy. . . . but ladies, look at the rewards!  You’ll feel better and those pounds won’t creep on.  You can feel proud and confident in your shape instead of embarrassed and discouraged. Exercise can really do all that!

You’re not alone in feeling hesitant to kick up the exercise and that’s why our accountability groups are so successful.  Make a change.  Decide today.  Call me 785-827-3131!  I’ll help you find the perfect fit for you.

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