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Les Mills Pump

Les Mill’s PUMP is a barbell-based rapid weight loss, strength-training program that burns tons of calories and gives you the amazingly tight, toned, and lean body you’ve always wanted!

The secret is THE REP EFFECT, which utilizes lighter weights at an increased rate of repetition resulting in the incarceration of up to 1,000 calories per workout while getting you lean, faster than ever. LES MILLS PUMP is a 12 workout box set based on BODYPUMP® and other fantastic Les Mills programs.ght

The LES MILLS PUMP workout program
Beachbody® and Les Mills International have teamed up to develop the exciting LES MILLS PUMP workout, the first comprehensive at-home DVD fitness program based on the globally famous BODYPUMP® gym classes. You’ll love working out with Dan, Rach and the Les Mill’s gang in your own home!

What is the LES MILLS PUMP workout?

It is THE world’s quickest path to getting in shape. The LES MILLS PUMP workout is a barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program that incinerates calories to give you the ultimate tight, toned, lean body. Want to get the flat abs, lean legs, sculpted arms, and tight buns you’ve always wanted? Then  LES MILLS PUMP is for you.

THE REP EFFECT™: The secret behind the LES MILLS PUMP workout

Great bodies aren’t born, they’re engineered. How? With the amazing technology of THE REP EFFECT™, which uses lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition giving you a learner body and burning nearly a THOUSAND calories EVERY workout!
Unlike typical strength based workouts that use horribly heavy weights and bulk you up, LES MILLS PUMP helps you get lean, fit, and carved using high-repetition resistance training. You push your muscles to fatigue through varied tempos, position, and speed of your movements, all while hitting your target heart rate zone for MAXIMUM results. Thus, every LES MILLS PUMP workout breaks down more fat reserves, targets more muscle fibers, and burns more calories than you ever could lifting heavy weights.

Join the LES MILLS PUMP workout revolution

Les Mills PUMP is the AT-HOME version of the world’s leading gym-class-based body transformation program, BODYPUMP, found in gyms and health clubs all across the globe. The original BODYPUMP® classes are taught at 14,000 clubs in 80 countries to millions of people every week. And now you can join this worldwide revolution—shedding pounds and building lean muscle—without ever leaving home. Get sleek, strong, and sculpted faster with the LES MILLS PUMP workout.


A barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program. With THE REP EFFECT™, you use lighter weights but do more repetition. You can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout! Get leaner, faster! You’re also breaking down fat reserves, targeting more muscle fibers, and blasting more calories that you ever could lifting heaving weights.

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About Les Mills

In 1968, Les and his wife marked their humble beginnings with a small gym in New Zealand. More than forty years later, fitness fanatics across the entire planet follow programs created by Les Mills International. “We thought, what are we doing? This is ridiculous. The fitness business is growing worldwide, we’re dealing with improving people’s lives and that’s a lovely business to be in. Let’s get serious.” 

Workout Just 3 Times a week to get World-Class Results and Burn Up To 1,000 calories per workout.

The system includes your very own barbell—the secret weapon designed to speed up your strength training and fat loss. Your kit comes complete with a set of two 5-lb. and two 10-lb. weighted plates.

Who is the Pump Right For?

  • People of any weight, age, shape or size
  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness levels
  • Men and women
  • Athletes looking to strengthen all muscle groups for better performance
  • Anyone wanting a long, lean, chiseled and sexy body
  • Anyone looking for a HYBRID program with another Beachbody Home Fitness Program

So just click YES now and try LES MILLS PUMP and receive an EXCLUSIVE GIFT, FREE! Get the LES MILLS PUMP: CORE workout FREE when you purchase through us. A $19.95 value.

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THE REP EFFECT™ is a trademark of Les Mills International Limited and is used under license.