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Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

Reduce your hips, slim your thighs, and tone your butt all while burning fat and getting rid of those horrible love-handles.  An exciting combination of traditional Brazilian dance and cardio, Leandro uses his signature sculpting TriAngle Training method that works your butt from a multitude of angles.

This dance-infused workout will drastically improve your overall fitness, and give your butt an intense and challenging workout.

Leandro’s workout secrets will provide you with the most amazing body you’ve ever had. Minimize, shape, and lift your booty with this wonderful Brazil Butt Lift® Workout. It’s so effective, that many top bikini models from all over the world are known to work with Leandro, affectionately known as the “Brazilian Butt Master.” Now you can join them from the comfort of your own home, using this dvd-workout that is like no other.


Leandro Cavalho

His proven TriAngle Training method works all three major muscles of the buttocks from several angles to REDUCE  and thin your hips, and make those stubborn saddle-bags disappear. It will SHAPE your gluteal muscles, getting you a perfectly round butt while LIFTING so that it looks great from every angle.

Regardless of what shape you have, Leandro has a personalized transformation plan for you! His expertise and revolutionary dance and sculpting workout combination will give you that sexy look from behind! Even more exciting, the workout tones your ENTIRE body – not just your butt! So you’ll be looking good from top to bottom.


Choose your personalized booty transformation plan 

Improve every butt type with Brazil Butt Lift. Pear shaped? Try the “Slim & Shape” plan.

The Problem: You’re curvy, which is a good thing, but larger hips and stubborn saddlebags give you a wide-angle silhouette.

The Solution: Try the SLIM & SHAPE Plan: Leandro’s moves will slim your bulges, and help your butt round out behind and not to the sides.


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Supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio , “Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my abs, and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best.”