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Really, what gets in the way of you losing the weight that you want?  You’re too busy, you don’t have time?  You don’t have the motivation?  You get busy with other things in your life?

These things are going to happen BUT you can still lose those pounds and feel better. But you need structure and a plan. As part of our SUCCESS GROUP, you will have a proven fitness program with a schedule so you know exactly what workout to do each day. Most people don’t realize that nutrition is 80% of results. You can be working your butt off but if you’re not eating well, you won’t see results and you give up.  Know what I’m talking about?  With our Challenge pack, you’ll have a nutrition plan plus the ULTIMATE in healthy shakes to make sure you’re getting the nutrition that your body needs and wants. And then BAM, you’ll have energy and will see those inches disappear!

SUPPORT – this is the best part of a SUCCESS GROUP. Yes, you might still lose focus and get off track but with daily accountability, you will get focused again; your group will make sure you do. You will help your team members with your successes and they will help you with their successes.

This month our Success Group will be mixed with various members doing the program that works best for them!   Any program that helps you reach the goal is what we’ll do and we’ll share our successes and our struggles.   We’ll also work specifically with changing our MINDSET when it comes to eating.   Check it out!


Come on, it’s time now isn’t it? You’ve had all kinds of reasons not to start and then more reasons pop up when those aren’t valid anymore. There is no good time to start. TODAY is the best time to start!!  Just start! Take the first step and call me to get in on my next SUCCESS GROUP. 785-452-8643. You won’t regret it. Call me now!

Call me with questions and I’ll help you find the perfect program for you!