Do you feel like you’re always starting over when it comes to your health and fitness routine? You get tired of planning, eating clean foods, tired of cooking, tired of being sore from your work out program, tired of scheduling it in……

That’s OK; you’re not alone. But aren’t you also tired of not fitting into your clothes? Tired of the disappointment when those pounds creep back on?


Often we get off track because we go at it so hard and all consuming that we burn out.

Stay in the middle of the road.

Make those changes “livable” so you can keep doing them. That’s especially important at this time of year.  If you feel like you have to be perfect, your holiday schedule will throw you off and then you’ll want to quit. Moderation will still keep you going. If you get tired of starting over, STOP quitting. It takes much more energy to start from the beginning again, lose those same pounds, than it does to keep moving forward at a moderate pace. So don’t let those pounds creep back on this month; you’ll just have to start over and lose them again in January. Sometimes it just takes some accountability and support to keep you moving in the direction you want. That’s what I’m here for.

So if you’re starting over AGAIN, make this the last time. Don’t misunderstand me, you may have to “re-commit” over and over,  but do that before you’ve gained the weight back, before you’ve lost your endurance and before your clothes get tight! Re-commit every day. It’s what you want; it’s worth the effort. Let’s figure out a way to keep you going, no matter what time of year it is.

I have all kinds of options to help you stay on track. Message me and let’s get you going and on the right track; FOR GOOD!
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Christie Ryan Fitness