It can really be difficult to know what part of “health and fitness” to start on but nutrition does tend to be 80% of results so I want to talk a bit about portions.  I eat pretty healthy and my portions aren’t huge but I do nibble.  I didn’t really think too much about it until I started doing Hammer and Chisel and seriously using the colored containers.  WHAT?  No container for raisins?  Ok, ok, I thought, I’m serious about doing this right so I decided to figure out a way to not only get my main “macro” nutrients in (proteins, fats and carbohydrate) but to really look at how those are dispersed through my day.

I planned out my veggies, protein, fruit and starchy carbohydrates along with my avocado or nuts (really don’t have room for both!) and my teaspoons. These foods are already a part of my day but I love raisins.  They give me a spike in blood sugar and they satisfy my sweet tooth.  I’ll have just a “pinch” with a walnut half after a meal for that “sweet fix” or maybe while just walking through the kitchen (bad habit) or before a workout for energy and sometimes all of the above!  I decided to allow 1 orange container for raisins a day and count it as a fruit.  That’s not really how the containers are set up but I wasn’t willing to completely give up ALL raisins and new that would at least limit me.

Keeping my raisins to a scant 1/8 cup is challenging!  I didn’t realize how much I was nibbling.   I am right on track with my containers and I’m not hungry but it takes focus.  Now that I’m dialed into my portions and food groups, I realize how much I’m NOT eating by cutting out the nibbles.  Who would have thought!  And I’m noticing just a little change through my tummy……like a more solid and toned tummy (which could definitely be from Hammer and Chisel but I have a feeling less raisins makes a difference too).

Bottom line, portions do matter.  So does nibbling.  If you’re not seeing the progress you want, plan out your portions and cut out the nibbles!  Only eat from a plate or a measured out container.  It just takes focus and a little discipline……but it’s SO worth it!

For help with your own personal nutrition, please reach out, let’s talk!