“Menopause has been tough!”

“Menopause has been tough!”

“Menopause is kicking my butt!”

“Menopause has made it impossible to lose weight.”

“Menopause resulted in the normal 20 pound weight gain.”


Let’s face it, menopause changes our bodies!  I have been working with women for the past 30 years who are struggling with the physical changes of menopause and menopause weight gain that goes along with it.

I want to say that it doesn’t have to happen!  We can’t keep doing the same things we did in our 30-40’s to maintain weight and expect to keep up with the changes that happen in our 50’s.   But with some focus and “fine-tuning”, you can still maintain and even lose weight during/after menopause.

Here are a few things that will help with menopause weight gain.

  1.  SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – We are more social now that kids are grown and we have more flexibility with our schedule and calories can add up!   This is a crucial aspect of keeping weight gain at bay.  Limiting these indulgences is mandatory.
  2. EXERCISE – Most of the time, we continue to exercise the at the same intensity, doing the same activity or even doing less during our 40-60’s.   We might walk or do cardio but because we don’t have the same energy level or endurance, we don’t burn as many calories.  Therefore, changing it up is really important.   Adding intervals and weight resistance exercise will make a difference.
  3. CONSISTENCY – this is so important in managing menopause weight gain.  When we’re young, we can make some changes and see results!  We can get off track for a few days and still see results.  Not so after 40.  Perfection isn’t required but exercising and eating well 80% of the time is necessary to prevent weight gain.

Accountability and support is extremely helpful during this time so find an accountability partner for support or reach out to me for help.  It’s hard to stay focused all the time but with some help, it’s totally do-able.

For online resources, subscribe to the Wellness Breakthrough or ask about my online accountability groups.   I’m putting as many ideas on my FACEBOOK PAGE  as well to help you stay on track.  Don’t give up!  Gaining weight over menopause doesn’t have to happen.   Mostly I want you to feel good about YOU and to be healthy.  Start small and be consistent and you’ll see great changes!