Meal Plans to Lose Weight
By Christie Ryan Fitness

Hi, I’m Christie Ryan. Hey, I want to talk to you a little today about meal planning. A lot of people decide to make a change in their food habits, and then they run out of ideas, and they don’t know what to eat. And so they get hungry and they grab whatever is the closest thing to eat, which is usually junk.

I can give you 5 days of meal plans to lose weight as a start. This will give you ideas for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner just to get you started. The important thing is not to stick with this week after week, though, because you’ll get really bored and then you’ll burn out and go back to fast food.

Get some variety. I like WebMD as a website to give you recipe ideas. If you want specifics on how to grill your chicken or pork chops to make them a little more tasty, don’t hesitate to contact me. But try to add something new to your diet or your meal plan every week, just to give yourself variety. Try new recipes. Keep them simple, but different flavorings and herbs really make a difference.

Contact me for the meal plans for the first 5 days. Even if you don’t follow that exactly, that will get you a great jumpstart. One thing I love about the Beach Body Workouts is they all come with a nutritional guide and meal plan.

There is also a Club Membership which will plan out a month of meal plans to lose weight with recipes! To check out the Club Membership, go to and click JOIN These are just an example of some of the things you might get with a workout.

Try it out, get started, let me know how you do. Good luck!


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