The Moment is NOW!

by Christie Ryan


Friday night is movie night at my house. It’s always a relief to kick back and escape for a few hours at the end of the work week. This week I watched ABOUT TIME the story of a young man who could travel back in time and change his actions or comments.

He didn’t change the events of history in his time travel as much as he changed “himself” and went back for a re-do so he could do it better.   At the end, he rarely went back in time to correct the action and instead, focused on enjoying every moment of his life, taking the time to appreciate a conversation with a friend, telling his loved ones how he felt, celebrating and being joyful in every moment……doing it “right” when he had the chance.

I like movies that inspire me to be better and this was one of those! I try to live in the “now” and to appreciate small things, to smell the roses per se, but it can be difficult when daily life gets frantic and there are stressors at work and friction among friends/family and uncertainty about the future.   This was a good reminder that the present moment is really all that we have. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened so treasuring right now is “it.” Just think how we could change each of our lives, if we appreciated every moment.


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We might be in a tense meeting or appointment at work, but if we can look at the person across the table and connect with a smile or a mutual “eye roll”, that connection will make that moment better. As we’re rushing to work in the morning, feeling irritated at the slow driver in front of us, how would our day be different if we took a moment and really appreciated the beauty of the sky as the newness of the day begins? What if we took a moment to appreciate the feeling of warmth as the sun shines through the Fall air as we’re preparing to mow the lawn or feeling grateful that our family is around us and that we have the ability to push that lawn mower across the grass. It’s so easy to forget those things, those moments, but think how life would be different if we did things “right” when we had the chance.


There are a lot of things that I want in my future, in my business and relationships; much of it is an “unknown” at this point and can create a lot of stress and anxiety within if I let it. If I let go of the outcome and just enjoy each day, enjoy and feel grateful for each moment, appreciate the journey……the warm sun, the scent of my warm pear and cream candle, a text from one of my kids, the beauty of the prairie grasses this time of year, the look of recognition in my grandson’s eyes when I walk in, my opportunity to connect with the next client that comes into my office, the feel of my muscle as I’m doing that last rep, and the faith that my journey is taking me just where I need to be……then every day is the best day.

There’s always something to be grateful for in the “now.” Let’s see if we can find it.

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