After 6 months (2 rounds) of BODY BEAST, I am feeling BEASTY, as Sagi would say.   I have done many workouts with cardio and weights but I have never lifted HEAVY like this before.  I was amazed to realize how much I love lifting…..heavy!  Even though I have been sore for most of these 6 months, I have not have injuries like I get with high impact cardio.  I’m thinking lifting with a little cardio is a better fit for this 55 year old body than HIIT workouts (although I do love them!).   What I love about lifting is the sense of empowerment that comes with going up a few pounds and being able to complete the set; deciding to try a 25 pounder and being able to finish the reps is * BAM!  My core has even gotten stronger while lifting heavy during this program.  Seeing increases in muscle firmness and tone doesn’t take more than a few weeks which keeps me motivated!

Many women are a little afraid of lifting heavy because they don’t want to get “bulky.”  I have not noticed “bulk” but definitely have more rounded and toned muscle and actually fill out the shoulders now on my shirts!  My back has a little padding on it now which is so fun!  My legs are strong and firm; yes, my jeans still fit so it’s not like I grew out of my clothes.Beast

Hauling weights requires a healthy and hefty diet!  My goal was 2000 calories per day with 50% carbohydrate, 25% protein and 25% fat.  It seems counter productive to eat that much and still “lean out” but one has to trust the process and do what the trainer, Sagi Kalev, says.    That takes some planning, tracking, and focus but with the input of my “Beastette” challenge group, I was supported, motivated and was able to get my questions answered by women who have been through the same process.  Challenge groups are amazing; there’s just something about  group support that makes it easier to stay educated, motivated and moving forward.

Some comments from the women in my last challenge group, which consisted of various workout programs and shakeology, follows:

*Loss of fat around my abs, hips & thighs…it’s been amazing!

*Muscles are just so much more defined.

*The number on the scale is going Down!

*Going to have to find a new favorite pants ….walked out of my favorite jeans yesterday

*I’m not craving junk food which is a big plus for me.

Having someone on our side can make a difference in  your success.  I know my group of “Beastettes” helped me immensely.  And I’m not done yet!

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