I’ve read that we take on the characteristics of the 6 people we surround ourselves with most often.  Think about that.  Do the people you hang around with model the traits that you want to have?   If not, now what?

Of course you’re not going to get rid of your friends and family but if these people aren’t helping you to be your best, you might start looking for additional people to interact with that DO model the behaviors that you want to adopt.   People often ask me how they can get their spouse or children to support them in their lifestyle changes.

In the beginning when you have made a decision to be healthier, you do want to talk to your significant other and family members and let them know what you’re doing and how they can support you.  Whether they do or not is totally up to them however. If this is a choice you made on your own, you can’t force your family to get involved. That’s a choice they have to make on their own.  There are a few things you can do to make it easier for you:

1) Be a Role Model – Stay focused on your goal and the reason WHY you want to reach this goal and then stay consistent with it.  Your family will see that you are serious as long as you don’t give in and stop exercising to help your daughter with her homework or get angry when your family wants to eat out.  You have set a goal and you can reach it.  Simply remind them that you will be exercising for the next 30 minutes and you’ll help as soon as you’re done.   When your family wants to go out throw in a few restaurant options that have foods that fit your goals.   Make healthy choices a fun or non-chalant type of thing, not a point of contention.  Do Not Nag! Once they see you are serious and unwavering in your resolve, they’ll either leave you alone or join you.

2) Make gradual food changes – your significant other/family will not be happy if you suddenly only serve grilled chicken and salad every night.   Introduce healthier foods gradually.  DO NOT cook a meal for you and a completely separate meal for them. **Mix brown rice with white rice to ease them into it.

**Add different fresh veggies to the salad and don’t make a big deal out of it.

**Grate some carrots into the spaghetti sauce without telling them.

**Modify the recipe by cutting back on high fat ingredients

**Get into the habit of always serving a salad and cooked vegetable with your meal.  If you’re having cheesy enchiladas, serve a salad and cooked veggie on the side.  Your family may not take a single bite of the green stuff but you will!  You will also be less tempted to have a second serving of enchiladas since you’ll be full from the salad/veggie.   Start out by making small salads and microwaving only a few servings of vegetables; you may be the only one eating it.  Eventually they will start taking small portions of it as it gets passed around.

3) Find outside support – It can be difficult to make big changes without someone supporting and encouraging you.  If your Honey or kids aren’t on the same page with you, join an exercise class or an online success group to keep you encouraged and filled with new ideas and inspiration.  You won’t be successful if you’re only hanging around with naysayers.

You decided to be healthier for a reason.  Focus on that.  Invite your family to join you but ultimately, it’s up to them.  Be strong, find support and stay consistent.  I’m pretty sure they will be proud of your results and possibly even ask if you could help them make changes.  But even if they don’t, you have to be true to yourself and what your dreams/goals are.  Go do it!

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