I love Amaryllis bulbs!

Every year I am gifted with a brown, scrawny little bulb for the holidays from a very dear friend. This bulb slowly transforms into a large, beautiful and brilliant blossom that I can’t help but put my face into.  I love the flower but I especially like the symbolic nature of its metamorphosis.


If you’ve ever watched an Amaryllis grow, you’ll know the anticipation of that first green arrow emerging from the lifeless bulb.  You can almost see the shaft reach higher each day until finally it explodes in color.

I am always excited as I watch this change occur each day, eager to see what has happened while I was sleeping.  It reminds me of the hope and eagerness that can fill each moment of our day if only we focus our thoughts in that direction.     shaft

It’s not difficult to start the day with negativity.  All we have to do it turn on the news when we awaken and hear about the hate and fighting around us, the reports of high level executives covering up the truth and the sadness of starvation and poverty.  That is why I don’t listen to the news.  I know, I will be ignorant of current events and what’s happening around the world.  I won’t understand the trends of history or the latest breaking news.   I won’t be much of a contributor of current events in office place conversations, but I’m OK with that.

I am like a sponge when it comes to emotions.  They can settle on me like a weight and I have found that once a sad or negative thought gets going in my head, it gains momentum.  So I am working really hard to always reach for the “higher” thought/feeling.    I have started keeping a gratitude journal, writing out what I am grateful for right now and what I am grateful for in my future, feeling confident that it will transpire.  Even little “positives” can make a difference in my mood.  When I wake in the morning, instead of letting the magnitude of my schedule creep into my head, I think about how nice my warm bed feels, murmur a prayer of gratitude for my hot shower and warm cup of tea, listen to positive and hopeful messages from Youtube while I get dressed, allow myself to FEEL gratitude for a successful business rather than focus on the long day ahead.  The positive thoughts can gain momentum just as easily as the negative ones,  if we continue to reach for the high flying feeling.

My life is in no way perfect.  However, I like the idea of choosing the person I want to be and expressing that wherever I am.  I want to be a positive and loving person and influence those around me as well as the direction my life is going.  That starts with choosing to think positive thoughts and acting on those thoughts.  It starts with being grateful for this moment.  It means taking a stance of being grounded when others are directing negative comments or hate my way.  It’s not always easy, but I like how it’s affecting me.

At night I listen to books and mediate on the abundance I have in my life.  I love my little house (which is mortgage free), the twinkling of the Christmas lights, the smell of the fresh basil in my kitchen, Michael Buble’s voice filling the room and the comments in my latest challenge group.  I silently express gratitude that my business is growing and that I am reaching my goals.  I know that my future will be full of prosperity and love.  I have great love for my kids, (and grand baby)  my friends, and even my customers that I interact with daily.  I am grateful for the delight that some of my customers feel as they get stronger and healthier.  One little deliberate positive thought can lead to a whole day of joy.

Which brings me back to my Amaryllis.  Right now it is still a dry, brown stub poking out of the dirt.  But I know what this little bulb will become!  I am confident and grateful for it’s beauty, even though it hasn’t manifested yet.  And such is the story of life.  There are great things in our future if only we can grab ahold of one positive belief, feel grateful for what we have and what is to come, and then live each day to the fullest.

amaryllis bloom

Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming.

I invite you to take out a pen and paper and make a list of 10 things you are grateful for.  That starts the process.  Happy Holidays!





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