It’s January and most of us are feeling invigorated to be better, to feel better, to make new changes in our lifestyle.

But then life happens and we’re not doing the things we said we’d do.  I’ve read that most people have stopped their new behaviors by January 20.  NOOOOO!

It’s frustrating to have great ideas and hopes and plans and then see ourselves NOT doing them.  I’m right there with you!  I have plans to be more focused and organized and then I find myself wandering aimlessly, flitting from one activity to another without getting anything done.   What’s the deal!??

It all comes down to developing habits.   If we don’t have the habit, we’re relying on willpower and willpower does not come through for us consistently.   So what’s the answer?  How can we make lifestyle changes PERMANENT??


1) Write it down – if you don’t write it down, it’s just a thought.   Make it real by         writing it down.

2) Be Specific and do-able – how much weight do you want to lose this month,           what snacks can you improve on each week, how and when can you start to           meditate?   Make your goal measurable.

3)  What does achieving the result feel like.  What does it feel like?  Have an                intention of what you want to feel like, look like, BE like and focus on what          that is.   Read through it often.  It’s a good reminder and helps it stay in                your head.


1) What is your strength?   What are you good at?  What do you do well and how can you use that to your advantage in achieving your goal?  If you are an organizer, use that strength to meal plan and prep.  If you like a schedule, schedule in your workout or time to meditate.   Work with what you’re good at!

2) What is your weak spot?  What areas do you flounder and then feel bad about?  What can you do to make those weak areas less vulnerable?  Do you overeat the minute you get home?  Change your routine, clear the junk out of your house, put the tempting foods in the cupboard.   Work with your weakness and use your strength to set up some structure so you don’t fall into those old habits.

3)  Watch your self messages – if you focus on “I can’t” or “I never have” or “I have no willpower” you’ll stay right there.  If you can’t see the end results, if you can’t see yourself as being successful, you won’t get there.

4) Make things automatic – set out your workout clothes so you can hop out of bed and immediately get dressed.  Take your walking shoes to work so you can walk right after work.  Meditate at the same time each day so you start to associate meditation with a certain time of day.  Work with “triggers” to help you remember to do the things that keep you on track.



This helps you to feel better about your progress, gives you something to work for and gives you a positive association between your progress and something fun.  Reward yourself by making a calendar when you work out, get a message after losing 10 pounds, allow time to read a few pages of your favorite book AFTER you exercise.  All of these keep your mind in the positive which is crucial.

Your goals are important so set up a structure for success.  I know you can do!  Believe it!

If you have questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I want to see you be successful!


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