by Christie Ryan Fitness

The holidays are wrapping up and you’re starting to think about starting back with your fitness routine.  But then all of these excuses douse your resolve!

Ok, be honest, what really gets in your way of staying committed to a fitness plan?

1) I just don’t have time
2) The minute I start, my family needs me for something.
3) I don’t like to exercise
4) I work hard for a few weeks and don’t see results; why bother then?
5) Whenever I start an exercise program, I get injured.

Gosh, I think I could have come up with 5 more “excuses” for why we don’t exercise. Don’t be offended that I called them “excuses”; they are usually really good reasons. But there are just that; excuses. We MAKE time for the things that we value.

I admit, making time for exercise isn’t that difficult for me because I have it scheduled in and I NEED it for my sanity. I like how I feel when I’m done. I’m not always motivated though. Often I get home and don’t feel like doing one more thing; if I’m gone for the evening,  I don’t like rolling out of bed early to get my workout in.  And on the weekend, I don’t like to have to make the effort to exercise before I get to the other things on my weekend list. But I know that I need to exercise to stay consistent with my goals of weight control, energy sustenance, stress relief, functional fitness (being strong enough to do every day things) and let’s be real, snapping my jeans. NOT exercising isn’t an option for me. It shouldn’t be for you.   The key is finding a cardio or weight training workout that you like.

So tackle the first step and make a commitment to exercise regularly. Now, let’s deal with those “excuses.”

1) NO TIME. Here’s the killer. Our days are too busy, we’re exhausted and making time for one more thing seems impossible. You’re right, so you need to juggle things around. Give up that TV show, let go of that extra hour of sleep, delegate a few things around the house, get off of Facebook! One reason I love the intense, shorter workouts like T25, P90X3 and 21 Day Fix is because they are easy to fit in! If you work out at home, you save that extra 15 minutes driving to
and from the gym. Easy.









2) FAMILY DEMANDS – I understand this. Kids know you will always bail them out. Talk to them and let them know you are committing to 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week and assure them you will be available to them AFTER your workout. If they don’t get the hint, you can always work out in the morning before they get up. Less interruption = more consistency and less frustration. Making time to take care of yourself is actually being a good role model to them. It will help them value taking care of themselves when they are older.



3) DO NOT LIKE IT! – you don’t like it because it’s hard and foreign. The more you exercise, the better it gets. Find something fun. There are so many Beachbody programs which have weight training workouts as well as cardio that are effective, have great music and provide variety!  Don’t forget that our FIT CLUB is absolutely free and we do a variety of Beachbody programs.  Or join us for some kickboxing at CardioKICKS.   Make a deal with your spouse to work out together or meet a friend at your house at 5:30 am to work out together. Give it 2 months; I promise, you’ll like it.


4) NO RESULTS – This one is frustrating! We always assume that when we exercise, the FIRST thing to happen will be weight loss. Our bodies are strange and mysterious. Our bodies start
“fixing” what needs the most attention. Maybe you are adding some muscle, maybe you are shifting hormones and metabolism, maybe you have stopped and started so many times your body is not going to change a thing because it’s sure you’re not serious. I’ve also talked to frustrated women over 40 who quit after no results only to find after careful questioning, they never were really consistent in the first place. If you are over 40 you HAVE to be consistent or nothing will change. Find a success partner, join one of our success groups, because the accountability will keep you consistent until you see results.

5) INJURY – are you a weekend warrior? When you start exercising you decide to hit it hard and double up on the weekend? The best fitness plans for women over 40 are the ones that includes cardio, strength and flexibility. We need to stretch! Making sure you have a good pair of shoes, you take time to warm up and you find a work out program that fits your fitness level. These are all important factors in injury prevention. Being injured is no fun! Take your time, start moderately and be kind to your body! Don’t skip the stretch at the end.

woman jogger
Getting started on a fitness program is a great accomplishment. Tackling the excuses will keep you consistent. If you need help in finding a program to fit your personality, call me and I’ll help you get started!

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Christie Ryan Fitness