Last night after FIT CLUB, I invited the ladies to join my next 30 day Success Group.  I assured them they would see weight loss, increased energy, they would sleep better, and just feel better.  Instead of the excitement I expected to see,  blank stares were coming my way.   I followed with, “Ok, so you’ll starve, feel tired and drained, discouraged and it will be awful.”  Now THAT, brought a response.

Misery is what most people associate with “dieting” and that is the problem.   Most of the time, when someone decides to lose weight, they restrict themselves severely, cut out all favorite foods, and feel terrible!  They see some weight loss so push through, but it never lasts.  For permanent weight loss  a lifestyle change is a must!  A few tips to keep in mind:

-Starve Yourself. You want to eat every 3-4 hours and make sure you’re getting in at least 1200 calories (for women) and 1500 calories (for men.)
-Cut out all of your favorite foods! If you only eat salad and chicken, you’re going to be hungry and burn out.
-Eat a lot of packaged “diet foods.” These foods are usually low nutrient with a lot of added chemicals.
-drink liquid calories (soda, lattes, juices, sports drinks, juices). These add calories without filling you up and prevent weight loss.

-Eat every few hours and include protein with your meal/snack. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean meat, hardboiled egg, and nuts make great snacks.
-include plenty of veggies and a few fruits in your day. Raw veggies/hummus, spinach salad, sweet potato with dinner, granny smith apple, just to name a few.
-Include GOOD carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are great energy sources so don’t eliminate them. Quinoa, sweet potato, berries, brown rice, oatmeal, and apples all in moderation. If you’re exercising, you’ll need these! Keep portions small…..about 1/2 cup.
-Drink plenty of water (your weight divided by 2 is # of ounces per day).  You will fill less “hungry” if you’re no thirsty.
-Eat real foods! Cut back on the packaged foods, processed low fat bars, frozen dinners and 100 calories packaged snacks. You will feel better and see better weight loss with real food.
-Include some of your favorite foods in moderation. Allow mexican or pizza once in a while. Just watch portions.

In reality, losing weight doesn’t have to be miserable.  It can include fun and tasteful foods if you do it the right way!  That’s the fun part of my Success Groups……we do it the right way, have support and accountability, and get results without misery!

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Christie Ryan Fitness