I don’t like change.  I’ll admit, I have blinders on when I plan my day, my week, my life! I am comfortable with a schedule and feel a little lost when that schedule changes.  This is kind of funny to me because as a business owner, there isn’t predictability or assurance; things are constantly changing!  And yet I don’t like change!  It takes me a while to warm up to a new idea but once I’m there, I’m all in.  And face it, change is inevitable.

When I reflect back on events that have changed the course of my life, I resisted the very change that was so good for me!  Without well meaning friends/family, nudging me to make the change I needed, who knows where I would be now!   I so appreciate those people, knowing not to push too hard and yet gently guiding me and managing my objections.

After I was laid off from the hospital in 1992, I wasn’t sure what to do.  During a conversation with my dad, he suggested I go it alone, work for myself.  “I can’t do that…..” as well as the inner fears that “I’m not good enough, I don’t even know how to do that, I’m not smart enough, what if I fail?”  He confidently guided me to see where those objections had solutions!  That decision has drastically changed my life!

in 2008 I received a call from a Beachbody coach, asking me to join the team to “end the trend” of obesity.  Even though I was working in that very area already, I replied that I didn’t have time to add more to my plate, I wouldn’t be good at it, etc.   That coach verbally showed me solutions to my objections.  OK, I admit, I don’t always see the big picture.  Beachbody has literally changed my life in so many ways!

Last week a friend suggested I get a gym membership to network, to meet  people that are like minded and to create a social life!  I like working out in my garage, I like coming home after a busy day and not having to deal with lines or hassles or unpredictability.  I gave all of these objections but I’m starting to see that it might be a good thing and I’m warming up to the idea.  So don’t be surprised if you see me at the gym one of these days!

My point here is, don’t be afraid to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Change in not comfortable for me and yet, change has gotten me where I am today.  Change has ALWAYS been a positive in my life.  So why do I resist it so much??  Because change isn’t always comfortable.  One thing  I love about the Beachbody community is the focus on moving forward, stretching, stepping beyond what is comfortable.   With personal development, I am always learning about and being supported to go outside what feels safe to me…….because good things can be waiting there.  Sure, there will be times it doesn’t work out, I will fail, it will be uncomfortable; but in the end, there will be growth and something better.

So go forth and reach high!  Don’t let your hesitancy and fear stop you.  Hopefully you have people in your life who know you well enough to gently nudge you to make the change you’ve been wanting, been needing, to make.  There are good things outside your comfort zone!




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