When it comes to weight loss, we sometimes lose sight of common sense, believing the newest and most publicized “gimmick” will finally be the answer.  I cringe when a client comes in and says she has started taking a “diet pill”, usually Phentermine, or maybe it’s a new supplement such as “raspberry ketones” or “garcinia cambogia.”  I know she has put her confidence and hope in this and that, finally, it will be the answer, that she won’t have to struggle as hard or feel as defeated.

This is my thought…..if a prescription or supplement REALLY made a break through in weight loss, no one would be overweight.  It would be so miraculous that we would have ended the obesity crisis.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Think about those that you know who have been on phentermine or have taken a supplement promoting weight loss….have they lost weight and kept it off?

Truly, the answer to conquering those stubborn pounds is lifestyle change.  Eating whole foods, cutting out the packaged, processed stuff, and working our muscles so that blood sugar and insulin levels stabilize, we burn more calories every day and we have healthy nutrients to fuel our body!  Our soil doesn’t have the nutrients it used to, our busy lives make it too tempting to grab processed foods where the chemicals from artificial flavorings and coloring make us want more, and it’s difficult for us to feel satisfied with the junk we eat as our fat stores increase to handle the toxins.  We really have to get back to the basics…..eating clean, whole foods and moving.

It’s the only way.  It’s not the easier way but it’s the healthy way and the way that will have long term good effects.   Don’t take the short cuts.  If you start now with making small changes you’ll begin to see a difference in how you feel, weight will start to decrease and you’ll be keeping your body healthy, not losing weight at the risk of your health!

True, lifestyle change is more difficult because our culture makes it so…..fast food on every corner, poor access to quality foods that are convenient, and peer pressure to follow the status quo.  But it’s worth it.  So turn away the temptation to believe in the gimmicks, stick to what your body needs.  Lifestyle has to be a habit though.  Making healthy food changes and then going back to processed foods won’t keep the weight off either.  Make those changes gradually so you can adapt and then commit to living healthy.

If you want to talk about healthy options, call me.  I know I can find something that will work for you.



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