Really, the best and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is eat clean foods and exercise consistently.  It’s tempting however to want to find a magic pill to help speed things up.  A client asked me the other day if caffeine would help her lose weight faster.

She was referring to weight loss aids that contain caffeine which can be dangerous resulting in rapid or irregular heart rate.  When I nixed that idea she asked about drinking coffee through out the day.  There really is little evidence that drinking more coffee will help with weight loss.  A cup of coffee in the morning might give you the advantage of pushing harder during your morning exercise session and it might help you avoid grabbing that sugary snack in the middle of the afternoon for an energy boost.   But the downfalls might not be worth it:

*rapid heart rate
*drinking less water
*increased blood pressure
*adding calories/fat or artificial sweeteners if you don’t drink it black

INSTEAD, grab some water! Water will help:

*flush your system and decrease bloating
*increase energy
*decrease headaches (dehydration causes headaches)
*control cravings (many times you’re thirsty, not hungry)
*speed up weight loss by increasing metabolism and allowing the liver to eliminate the by products of fat breakdown
*2/3 of our body is water! Drink lots of it to stay hydrated.

If you’re exercising consistently and eating clean and still not seeing a change, contact me and we’ll figure it out.

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