Have you started to work on a goal, a big dream, or something that you think will make your life better, and ended up feeling frustration and discouragement at the lack of success?

What happens next is crucial to actually being able to achieve your goal.

The messages you tell yourself, the thoughts you let go through your head will make so much difference in your future success.  Belief and Success go hand in hand.

There is actual science showing that our perceptions, the thoughts that go through our heads, affect how our cells react.  WHAT?  Our perceptions can change how the DNA in our cells react.  Perceptions are important!

Let’s take a look at some of the messages that might be floating around in your head.  Have you told yourself this?

I can’t lose weight!

I’m not good enough to…..

I don’t have the energy to make changes.

I’d like to but I can’t get motivated.

I’m not smart enough.

I just can’t make this work!

I can’t do anything right!

What comes out of your mouth, comes into your life.  A belief is a thought we just keep thinking. . . . . and if you keep thinking “I can’t lose weight” you truly believe you can’t lose weight and not losing weight is your reality.   What comes out of your mouth, comes into your life, just like that.   In that moment, it’s true.  You CAN’T lose weight because that’s where your mind is.

The way you speak to yourself releases different hormones in your brain which affect everything you do.

Our “beliefs” become our reality.  Belief creates success, or failure.


So let’s make a point to think good, positive and nurturing thoughts.  Take a look at what you’ve been thinking all day.   Is it positive or negative?

Do you have words like mistake, fail, messed up, should, can’t, I have to, wrong, stupid, don’t deserve, out of my control, happening to me?

What about focusing on:

I’m getting there, doing more each day, better than before, things are starting to change, success, learning from the past, I’m doing what I can, doing my best….

Like attracts like so if you’re focusing only on negative and “can’ts” you’ll probably attract more negative people and occurrences into your life.   If you’re stuck there, how can you get out?

Start with finding a good feeling place.  Do something or think about something that makes you feel good.  That’s all is takes and that is a great way to start. Then you can build on that.

*Look at pictures of your kids or grandkids on your phone (or videos!)

*put on some good music that moves you

*take a break and read something fun

*watch a sit-com

*write out a list of good feelings

*make a list of the fun things that happened to you this week

*write a paragraph of the way you want things to be.

Once you’re in that good place, pay attention to your words.  Be easier on yourself.  Say things regularly that keep you in that good place:

I’ve made positive changes in the past; I can now

I really want this and I know it take gradual changes; I can do that

Make sure to say these things consistently because it will take a while to break the negative pattern that you’ve created.  Be easy, be positive, be consistent and things will start changing for you.

Please comment below on what works for you when it comes to positivity and belief.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help.

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