How are those 2015 plans shaping up?  It seems like the older I get, the faster time goes!  It’s hard to believe it’s almost April.  But it’s a good time to look back at your plans and goals for the new year and see how you’re doing.

For me, one of the stumbling blocks of eating healthy is not having ideas on what to fix!  A common habit amongst people who eat healthy is that they eat the same foods every day.  That works for me…..and then I get bored and have to find something new.  Once I find a new combination that I like, I stick with that until I get bored.   But what if you just can’t get started?  What if you don’t even know where to start or what foods to eat? There has to be something besides Lean Cuisines, chicken and salad right??

There is!  That’s what my 5 day Clean Eating Challenge is all about.  It’s called a “challenge” only because you are challenging yourself to make some healthier habits.  I provide you with a grocery list so you have all the foods on hand for easy preparation.  Each day I give you a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks PLUS the recipes (and you already have all of the ingredients).  I have a private Facebook page where you can interact with others doing the same thing.

These 5 days get you into a semi habit and you have ideas; you get a feel for the routine of healthy eating.  This gives you a glimpse of what your lifestyle would be like in “healthy mode.”  These 5 days are pretty structured which doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza once in a while (just not on these 5 days) but for the most part, this type of eating is how you want to continue!  You’ll start feeling better, you’ll get rid of bloat, you’ll get the momentum going to eat healthier and isn’t that what you want?  Don’t you just need a kick start and some support and accountability to keep going?  This is what the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge is all about!

Here’s a glimpse of what is involved in the group:

I have a 5 day group starting on the first Monday of every month.  If you’d like to join us, or just visit about the benefits to you, call me!  785-827-3131.  Let’s just get going on that focus we all want!

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