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Your Road to Wellness


Jobs, family and household demands can become demanding and it’s easy to stop taking care of you! 

You might wonder how you got to a place where you’re discouraged, overweight, lacking energy and possibly hopeless.

  •  Is your body changing and you’re not sure how, or even if, you can find the old you again?
  • Do you want to feel good about yourself again?
  • Are you stuck and can’t seem to lose the weight you know you need to?
  • Maybe you’ve tried everything, every new tip, trick and diet but you always seem to end up where you started.


I know you want to feel good about you, feel like you can do the things you enjoy, have the energy you want to live like you want and feel confident in your good health as you age.  I know because I want that too!

As we approach 40, then 50 and 60, things start to change!  Our metabolism slows down, our schedules are more erratic, we’re juggling family and work and we don’t sleep as well.  If you’re experiencing this, have made changes in the past and didn’t see any progress, don’t give up!  This course will help you bust through those obstacles.

I’ve worked with women over the past 30 years who are going through the same things.  They’ve found they DON’T have to settle; they can feel good again!  You don’t have to accept those 20 extra pounds just because of hormonal changes and your schedule.  Finding the right tools, the right nutrition and ongoing accountability will make such a difference.

This ROAD TO WELLNESS is for you if you’re feeling stuck.  A few targeted habits will start you down the road to better health and wellness that will last a lifetime.

This online course will get you started and provide the insight and tools to keep you focused and on track.  You’ll receive 12 lessons over the course of 12 weeks.  You’ll also have 12 Facetime or Skype visits with me so we can talk more directly about your needs and goals.    This 12 week course will guide you as you make permanent lifestyle changes.

The course will:

  • Provide help with nutrition, portions, recipes and meal planning
  • Provide Information and strategies for cravings and stress eating
  • Provide tips on eating out and staying in control in social situations
  • Provide guidelines on exercise for fat burning and muscle toning to boost metabolism
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to keep you on track
  • Give you inspiration to break through the “I CAN’T” mindset and get the results you want
  • Help you develop the behaviors to

                         ·      ramp up your metabolism

                         ·      give you the nutrients your body craves

                        ·       detox your system; increase fat loss and muscle tone

                        ·      lose weight,  feel amazing with real food no starving!


Within 24 hours of enrolling, you will receive a new lesson to help you get started on  developing new habits.  Each week, you’ll receive more info via email and it’s very important that you complete these lessons.  These lessons will always be accessible to you.

After completing the lesson, we’ll set up a time for a virtual visit either by FaceTime or Skype.  These visits can be the same time each week or we can determine them as we go.  Being able to visit face to face will help with your focus and accountability and make the program fit your needs.


Megan G:  Christie is a lifesaver! I joined the Road to wellness 1 year ago expecting to just lose some weight and that be it. Nope, She did so much more! I have lost over 40lbs and 20 inches and have made a complete lifestyle change, and I love it! Seeing the progress each week kept me more motivated to try to do better the next week. Christie was with me the whole time pushing, rooting for me, giving me tips and tricks to make things simple and easy. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to better themselves not only in fitness and weight loss, but also confidence and self-respect. I just can’t thank Christie and this program enough for helping me… and still being there for me today!

Karla W: With my mind and heart focused, and at the right time in my life several years ago, I sought out Christie from a recommendation from my doctor.  Her program was about changing your lifestyle to exercise and eat healthy and not about dietary supplemental and quick fixes.  I knew my goal would take a year and that weekly visits with her would encourage me and get me focused.  Her 12 week program was just what I needed, each week focusing on a different topic.  She is very caring, willing to listen and at the same time firm in her guidance and instruction.  If it were not for her, I would be having     major  health issues.  I cannot give her the enormous amount of credit she deserves.  I highly recommend this path to weight loss and mental well being.

Jennifer L:  I met Christie through a friend’s recommendation. I had lost a significant amount of weight, but was starting to see it come back;  maintaining was very hard!  Through Christie’s 12 week program,  I was able to learn more about a balanced eating lifestyle, and portion control strategies. It often doesn’t just mean less food and more movement. You must have a balance of all food groups, while making sure you have the right mindset to make changes in your life.  Christie is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and right beside you every step of the way. She reminded me “It’s a process,  and as long as you always come back to a healthier focus, you win.”

Jane G:  I started going to Christie Ryan about 10 years ago. I am not one that really believes in “diets” or doing anything extreme. What I found with Christie, was a person that was there as a friend for me to check in with,  and help me on this journey of really wanting to be healthy and stay in good shape.  Christie combines her knowledge of health and nursing, and her passion for exercise,  and uses it in a friendly and encouraging way that is totally common sense and reasonable.   I know it has really helped me to have Christie on my side.

Contact me for a free phone consultation!  We will discuss your needs and payment options.




14-Day Money Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason Christie Ryan Fitness ROAD TO WELLNESS does not satisfy you in any way, simply cancel within 14 days from purchase and we’ll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!

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